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Thread: Black Screen when Booting USB GX Loader with Priiloader

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    Black Screen when Booting USB GX Loader with Priiloader

    I have usb gx loader installed which i access through my wii main menu so i presume this is a forwader, my sd card is setup like this sd/app/usbloader_gx/boot.dol from which i have taken the boot.dol and put on the root of my sd card, i go to priiloader, then install/load the boot.dol, save settings, then go to priiloader settings and change autoboot to installed file, save settings, when i restart wii i just get a black screen with the no signal box appearing, i have to re-load priiloader and change settings back. I can get this to work if i set it to auotboot to homebrew but not usb gx loader, i know its something to do with my fowarder/channel boot.dol, i dont fully understand forwarder or channels, is there another boot.dol i need to use, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance....

    Edit - Done some digging and come up with this - could i put this dol (ForwarderV5.1.dol) from this pack (USBLoader_GX_V3_0_AllinOnePackage_IOS249) on the root of my sd card and it work? do i leave the name as ForwarderV5.1.dol or do i change it to boot.dol or am i completely wrong?

    Edit-Edit - putting the ForwarderV5.1.dol on the root of the sd card worked a treat, thanks to me for the help.....
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