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Thread: I need some backup files

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    I need some backup files

    Okay, so I have absolutely no idea about any of this stuff (wii hacking). My older brother installed homebrew and then left for college. While I was away at camp, my mom wanted to install the new netflix channel, and so she reset the wii. Now, homebrew is completely gone, but the "Pre-loader" my brother installed is still there, and our wii is having issues. I don't know the nature of these issues nor do I want to fix it with homebrew intact. What I want to do is remove all the files on the wii that mod the software of the wii. When I called and asked for advice, my brother told me to get on the forums and beg for "Backup files" to load through the pre-loader, which should erase any remnant of the homebrew channel.

    So, because my tech-savy brother is too lazy to do so, I'm here "Begging for backup files" and any advice on how to remove every remnant of homebrew on my wii. I'm sorry if this isn't posted in the right area, or if I didn't post this right somehow. I also thank you for any advice you can give me, and do note that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, just blindly following the advice of my older brother.


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    You don't have to be tech savvy,you just need to be able to follow instruction's.

    I know you said you don't want it installed,But just read this and then decide.-->Soft Mod Any Wii GUide

    If you decide to follow that guide you will have everything you need to go online ,play snes ,nes ,GBA,sega emulators,and movies from your hard drive.
    You still can use netflix and you will be able to play wii games from the Usb Hard Disc Drive.(No more scratched Disc)
    Meaning you will not be using the Wii's Disc Drive.This means you have a less chance of ware on your drive.


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