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Thread: Use FAT32 in USB Loader

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    Use FAT32 in USB Loader

    Right, followed guides and amazingly found myself playing MY OWN BACKED UP GAMES using USB Loader GX on a WBFS Drive. However I want to use my FAT32 now. I know that I must convert the ISO's into .wbfs files and can do that using Wii Back Up Manager and then putting then in a folder called WBFS folder. But I do not know what loader to use (CFG, Wii Flow or NeoGamma) and how to install it. After searching I found I needed the cIOS 222 or something?

    If anyone has an easy set up for this or a guide I would be grateful

    Thanks a lot

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    If you used Mauifrog's guide ,then you should have all the cios/ios's you need and the Usb loaders.
    If not,What Guide did you use to Mod your Wii?

    Do you know what's installed on your wii?
    If not post a system check.-->How To Run & Post A System Check

    Here is a guide for usb loading.-->WiiFlow Nand Emulation Guide.

    That Wiiflow guide will give you the best of everything.


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