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Thread: usb port 0 deosnt seem to be reading hard drive

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    usb port 0 deosnt seem to be reading hard drive

    Hi all, brand new on here and hopefully someone may be able to help.

    My wii has suddenly stopped reading my external hard drive. I get a message that says plug an external usb device into port 0. Done that, tried both usb ports through wiiflow. Installed usb gx loader and I get a message saying waiting for your slow usb device. There is power to the hard drive and you can hear it powered up. Ive tried 2 different usb leads to connect the hard drive to the wii and tried plugging in after starting wiiflow/gx loader. Nothing works. Is my hard drive broke? The wii will play back up disks. This only seemed to start after I installed a copy of lego batman 2-so have I been virused?

    I have tried connecting hard drive to pc but pc isnt recognising it as usb 2 and wont access the drive.

    Any help gratefully accepted.

    Just a quick update on this problem. I have checked the hard drive on the pc with backup manager and all the games are listed on the hard drive. So why is my wii not reading the hard drive?

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    Try removing the game, since it started with you installing that game.

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    Thanks jax, done that but it has'nt helped. Been thinking though....Is it possible to pull games from the hard drive to burn to a disk? I like to run from backups as my son just leave the disks lying around to get scratched.

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    Yes you can.
    Make sure you have enough room to store them on your Computer.

    What you do is ...

    Open up Wii backup manager

    Go to option's then setting's

    Go to Fat32/NTFS in setting's

    Go to wbfs split style and change it to unlimited.

    Now go to "Misc" check the boxes for the following, Use Iso on Ntfs and Ignore storage convention when drive is mounted.

    Press the ok button at the bottom of the Program.

    Now Go to drive one like you would normally

    Now go and select the games you want to transfer and click on the boxes.

    Now go to the transfer button ,go down to iso and click it.

    Now it will ask where you want them to go ...put it to your desktop and make a new folder name it iso

    Now it will transfer the games.

    Also you might want to try to reformat your Hdd.

    Here how to burn the Game.-->How To Burn Wii Games Correctly With Imgburn


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