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Thread: Mariokart WFC on Soft Moded Wii

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    Question Mariokart WFC on Soft Moded Wii


    I've recently soft-modded my WII. The main reason for doing so was that with my copy of Mario Kart the disc was playing up (brought the WII laser cleaning tool but it still played up).

    I've tried both making my own ISO from a friends copy and downloading one (the PAL format). In both cases the single player game works fine but when I try to connect to WFC to play on-line everything goes fine with regard to it finding other players etc but when it comes to loading the actual game it crashes to a black screen. I'm struggling to find anyone with the same problem on the internet so could someone please confirm it works OK for them now and if any special changes were needed to make it work.

    Many Thanks

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    It should work fine, mine does. Asking for an iso is against the rules. You will have to come up with another solution to get a good copy.

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    OK I'll try another ISO, removed the request for one to keep to the rules. Anyone else have any experience with this?
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    Works fine for me, just played with my friend with WFC
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    OK I'll try a non PAL iso but suspect it might be something else with my setup.

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    Tried on a fresh non-PAL version and the WII detected it as a new version since it went back through the create a driving licence stage, got hopeful and then sure enough if went to a black screen after it had selected players in WFC, any more ideas, it's runing 4.2E system so might try downgrading it next.

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