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Thread: DSi card replacement

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    DSi card replacement

    hi my brother has a DSi with an iEdge card but updated his DSi to 1.4.3a and now it doesn't work and as far as i can find theres no firmware update for this. (please point me in the right direction if im wrong)
    So he needs a new card so i was looking for some affordable priced options.

    P.S im located in aus if it makes a differnce

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    yeah, iedge card can not work on th e latest DSi or 3DS firmware, you need to buy a new card instead. There are always three cards we recommend, r4i gold 3ds, Acekard 2i. I would suggest you buy the Acekard 2i here: buy Acekard 2i flashcart for DS DSi or r4i gold.. both o f them are working great on your DSi V1.43. Pirces of them are not very expensive either. Any other questions, just leave your reply.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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