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Thread: USB Loader GX freezing

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    USB Loader GX freezing

    Hey Everyone,
    I recently got my hands on Project Zero 2 (Fatal Frame 2 remake for Wii) and The Last Story. When I go to launch the games in USB Loader or Wii Flow bot crash my Wii. I just updated to d2x CIOS V8 and it hasn't helped. I have no idea what to do from here. Right now my USB loader rev is Rev 938c. Not sure if this helps.

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    Just updated to USB Loader 3.0, still no luck seems I'm getting an ISI error.

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    So I just updarted all my IOS's to be up to date with that of the IOS's on the softmod guide. I'm running 4.3U system menu. Whenever I launch Project Zero 2 it crashes USBLoaderGX and gives me an ISI error with a memory dump.


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