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Thread: help with softmod please

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    Cool help with softmod please

    per all the videos/guides, I am doing things right, but I cant get the letterbomb envelope to show up in wii messages.

    I have:
    made sure I have a 2 gb SD card (NOT sdhd or micro sd)
    used my correct mac address, and downloaded the correct files to my computer
    formatted the sd card (quick format) then placed the boot.elf and private files onto SD card
    inserted SD card into wii.....and nothing...

    the wii recoginzes the card, but it will now display a letterbomb message

    I have made SURE the time and date are correct on the wii and my computer

    I am softmodding a v 4.3U system...

    any help appreciated...have looked everywhere for help, and nothing so far....

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    Try with a different card. Not all sd cards work, sandisk is the most reliable for the wii.

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    hmm, I've now tried with 6 SD cards, from three different manufacturers. Granted, not a sandisk yet...but three other brands and six total...I'll order a sandisk too if you really think that's what it is, but seeing how I've spent $30 so far on SD cards...would love to know if its possibly something else...

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    In that guide you will see a formatting tool .(It's right in Chapter one)
    Use that tool to format your Sd card, to see if it helps.

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    Are you checking all over for a Wii message? Just curious 'cuz in the guide I followed, using Letterbomb, it said the message may not show up on the current date and may be up to a few weeks back, but I had to go back a month to find the message when I softmodded. I can't be much help beyond that, but its just a thought I'm throwin' out there.

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    You may want to re-enter your mac address and re-download the initial files to produce the LetterBomb. Maybe the initial message was misdirected somehow? Stranger things have happened. My motto is: If it doesn't work the first time .. start from scratch and try it again. Hope it works out for you!


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