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Thread: Help Updating my already soft modded Black Wii

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    Help Updating my already soft modded Black Wii

    Hello Guys I soft modded my little girls wii a year or 2 ago and just dusted it off as she was to young at time to play with it. Ive got the home brew channel on it and played games off my portable HD fine using USB loader. Iam just wondering how I can go about updating it and backing it up as dont have nand backup for it. Most my games work except newer ones like all stars ect. Is there a decent divx player for the wii yet and do is it best to have a sd card for it as well or is the portable hd fine. Thanks in advance

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    Seeing how you said it hasn't been updated in a year or two, I would suggest following The Soft Mod Any Wii Guide.(The Link is at the bottom of my Signature)

    Start from Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed
    This will update everything and you won't have to delete anything.

    Please Read the Guide A Few times ,then Proceed.
    This Guide will walk you through everything you asked.(Meaning you will have latest Cios/Ios and Loaders)
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