Just as the title says, today R4i sdhc 3ds official site (r4i-sdhc.com) has released a new firmware V1.59b to support the latest 3DS V4.2.0-9 which was released a few days. So if you have bought this card, just use the new firmware to update your r4i sdhc 3ds card, you need to use a DS Lite to do the update.

Download: R4i sdhc 3ds V1.59b

Here is the changelog of this new firmware

1. Support 3DS V4.2.0-9 upgrade (Only for 3DS card).
2. Solved games:
6045 - Pocket Monsters White 2 (JP)
6044 - Pocket Monsters Black 2 (JP)
6041 - Pokemon Conquest (US)
5546 - Mario vs. Donkey Kong : Mini-Land Mayhem! (EU)
5408 - Touchmaster 4 : Connect (EU)
5396 - Phineas and Ferb: Ride Again (EU)
5395 - Imagine: Fashion Paradise (EU)
5394 - Camp Rock: The Final Jam (EU)
5364 - Tron Evolution (EU)
5340 - iCarly 2 - iJoin the Click! (EU)
5339 - The Penguins of Madagascar(EU)
5338 - New Carnival Games (US)
5337 - New Carnival Games (US)
5312 - ZhuZhu Pets: Featuring The Wild Bunch (EU)
5228 - The Last Airbender (EU)
5214 - Grease: The Official Video Game (EU)
5017 - Toy Story 3 (EU)
5016 - Shrek Forever After (EU)

before you do the update, just need to notice two things, your card is this one: R4i SDHC 3DS Flashcart For your DS DSi 3DS -dsflashcart.com if your card is not t his one, don't use this firmware. Second, you need to use a DSL console to do t he update.

until now, r4i gold 3ds, supercard dstwo and this r4i sdhc 3ds card can work on the 3DS V4.2.0-9. if you want to buy a card for your updated 3ds, just choose one of them, and also make sure you can buy the preflashed card form t he seller, so you dont need to update it when you receive it, not everyone has the DS Lite to do the update.

If you dont know how to update your card, just PM me, and i will try to find some time to do a step by step guide later.