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Thread: Rhythm Heaven Fever, Hardmod, System Update from Disc

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    Rhythm Heaven Fever, Hardmod, System Update from Disc

    Hey, so I have a hardmodded Wii, and unfortunately I do not know the type of modchip it is.
    SMG and SSBB work fine on it.

    My problem is that although I've been able to play Rhythm Heaven Fever a few times already, soon the disc started to occasionally not be able to be recognized. Then, after a few more times of playing it, it could not be recognized at all, and soon after a few more attempts, the disc loads, and it says "Wii System Update." I even tried burning a new copy, but on the first attempt the disc channel read "Wii System Update."

    I always update my Wii manually before playing a new game, and currently I have ver. 4.3U. I do this because I hear updating from disc can brick my Wii. But now I'm not sure what to do, since I can't play Rhythm Heaven Fever if I can't update from disc. What should I do?

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    Basically, I'm asking if updating from a disc with a hardmodded Wii will ruin your Wii.

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    be 100% certain that the game is for your region. other wise yes you will brick. other option install priiloader and block all disc updates. softmod any wii guide in my signature can help with that.

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    Is there like a specific type of NTSC-U I should know about, because I've checked it with Dolphin and the version of Fever that I have is indeed NTSC-U, so according to what you said, it should definitely not at all brick my NTSC-U Wii, right?
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    Is there a way to just remove the update from the iso just to be extra safe?


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