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Thread: Looking into buying a 3DS, could use some advice

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    Looking into buying a 3DS, could use some advice

    Since late last year I've owned an R4 flash card that I've used with my DS Lite. Its been great for games and having 40+ games on the go, however, I'd like to do the same with a 3DS. I know I'll have to purchase a new flash card for it to be compatible with the 3DS and play my DS Lite games/use homebrew, etc., but I'd just like a few questions answered and possibly a bit of help.

    I've already bought a few 3DS games to start off my 3DS collection, however I use my current R4 to read eBooks and play quite a few DS games. I'll be trading in my Lite towards the purchase of a 3DS, so I'd hate to upgrade and then be put out as far as DS games and eBooks are concerned. Basically what I'd like to be able to do is play the 3DS as normal as far as 3DS gaming goes, system updates, using the eShop, etc., but be able to take out a 3DS game, pop in my flash card and load up a DS game, or read an eBook... so is this possible as it is on the DS Lite?

    How risky is using a flash card with the 3DS? I haven't ran into any problems with the Lite, of course, but the 3DS is a much more complex system. In the same train of thought, is it possible to buy a flash card, get it working, but have the 3DS' firmware block it out? I'd hate to buy a flash card only to have it blocked, but I don't know if simply not updating the 3DS is an option. The only games I'd be playing online would be Pokemon White (White 2 later this year) and Mario Kart 7.

    Which flash card is most recommended? Personally, I'd love to get one that will do everything I'm currently doing with my DS Lite, but has the possibility to, hopefully in the future, back up any current 3DS games I own and throw 'em on the flash card, though I'm in no rush for the option. Like I said, I just want a 3DS and to be able to do all that I do now with my DS Lite, but have the option to play 3DS games.

    Lastly, could anybody recommend a reputable online dealer to purchase from? I originally got my DSL R4 from ConsoleSource, but they seem to be down, at the moment.

    Sorry for the lengthy questions, in particular the first one that tends to rabble on and on, lol. But I thank everyone in advance for your time as well as your help.
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    To answer your questions

    1. Yeah, you can use the flashcart at any time you want.
    2. No, until now, no risk at all. 3DS won't get bricked because of using the flashcart, and you can just feel free to update your 3DS at any time. There is only one rule you should notice, update the flashcart before you update the 3ds console.
    3. Always recommend three cards. r4i gold 3ds, acekard 2i and dstwo. if you want to play gba games and enjoy other powerful features such as real time save, real time menu, slow motion, dstwo is your only choose, it is the best but also most expensive. and if you only want to plat ds games. Then just choose the r4i gold 3ds (official site should be or acekard 2i, both of them are very goopd cards. By the way, another notice, 3ds firmware has been updated to V4.2.0-9 two days, acekard 2i can not work on it until it releases update patch later, so if the 3ds you receive is alreasy on the latest firmware, you can only choose r4i gold or dstwo. And i personally love R4i gold 3ds better,so i recommend this card more.
    4. THis is site i recommend: Buy acekard 2i, r4i gold 3ds, dstwo, ace3ds flashcards for low this site is also recommended in this forum here: By the way, now that you will trade your DS console for the 3DS, so you'd better buy a preflashed card, which means you dont need to update it by yourself when you receive it, the site i recommend will match this demand.

    ANy other questions, feel free to leave the reply.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Hey dsflashcart,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions so thoroughly. I've had a few sites open in my browser looking over prices for flash carts, how genuine the sites look, etc. and funny thing, I have your site open from another thread that suggested it. I thought it was kind of funny, at first, that the URL and your username shared the same name, lol.

    Anyway, I noticed on the site that it mentions not having a DS Lite to update the R4i Gold 3DS. Would this be a problem in the future? Can you not update this flash cart through your PC? Or, is this only a problem if you don't, as you said, upgrade the flash cart before the 3DS system update?

    Also, I have one other fairly lengthy question. Say there's a system update for 3DS that doesn't really add anything I'm interested in... can you skip system updates on a 3DS and still play/use it online? I ask because I only know that with say the PS3 if you don't update your system, you can't play anything online.

    And, do all WiFi enabled DS games work well online on a flash cart in a 3DS? Namely Pokemon White, possibly Mario Kart DS, Dragon Quest IX, etc.

    Anyway, that's all I really wish to do... everything I'm currently doing on the DS Lite, but have access to 3DS games and features. I don't care too much about emulators since I have those on my PSP/Wii, but wouldn't turn them down.

    That said, thanks again for being so helpful. I'll definitely check out your site and more than likely will be purchasing from it soon.

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    Let's make a example about the update in future. when the next 3ds firmware comes out and if it also blocks flashcarts (sometimes the new 3ds firmware do not block flashcart, only add some features), if it also block r4i gold 3ds (many times even the 3ds updates to a new firmware, the r4i gold 3ds can still work on it, such as the latest 3DS V4.2.0-9, only r4i gold 3ds can work still work on it when it comes out), if it blocks r4i gold 3ds card, usually r4i gold team will release the update patch for the new 3ds firmware. So before t hey release the update patch, you should make sure do not update your 3ds, because if you update your 3ds before you update the r4i gild 3ds, the r4i gold 3ds can not work on the new 3ds firmwar,e then you ca n not use it until you update the r4i gold 3ds later. but if you can get a DS Lite console easily, you can update the r4i gold 3ds at any time, you can just download the update patch from the official site, and then put the wood firmware and the update patch in your sd card, put the sd card and your r4i gold in your DS Lite, power on, run the update patch and finish the updating. that's it. if you can not find a DS Lite in th at time, you can just make your 3ds stay at the old firmware, and your non updated r4i gold 3ds will still work on it as well. And if you live in USA, you can mail it to me, i can update it for you at that time if it is necessory, so no worry about it.

    yeah, same as PS3, if you do not update 3DS, y ou can not login E shop, you can not play anything online.

    yeah, wifi game is no problem with the r4i gold 3ds.

    yeah, it can do evetything you are currently doing on the DS Lite. if you also have PSP/wii, then you just buy the r4i gold to play DS games, no need to buy the expensive DStwo just in order to play the gba game.

    Any questions, just leave your reply.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Awesome. Thanks again for all your help. Like I said, I'll probably be ordering from your site within the next few days, so I'll be sure to leave feedback to let others know of my experience and how helpful you've already been.

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    6,069 is great! He answered all of your questions and will get you a genuine card fast and cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrkrZen View Post
    Awesome. Thanks again for all your help. Like I said, I'll probably be ordering from your site within the next few days, so I'll be sure to leave feedback to let others know of my experience and how helpful you've already been.

    sure, please take your time and send the order at any time you want. another, if you have other questions, just leave the reply or PM me. And thanks for recommending my site, appreciate your help.

    Quote Originally Posted by skellinator View Post is great! He answered all of your questions and will get you a genuine card fast and cheap.
    Thanks, skellinator!
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.


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