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Thread: Can Game Cube games be save to the usb hard drive or just an sd card?

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    Red face Can Game Cube games be save to the usb hard drive or just an sd card?

    Ok first off sorry if this has been already asked but i looked and cant seem to find the thread that has the info i need.

    I am using Config. USB Loader. and i tried to save a CG game and it when strait to my SD card. I have about 20 CG games and I would like to put them on the Hard Drive . So I dont have to switch out sd cards.( I know LAZY but still). If I am just missin the thread or if you could answer here that would be awesome
    Thanks in advance for all ya'lls help.


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    First you need to follow this guide. Then you need this wad and then you'll need the Dios Mios Booter. Once you have those installed go into your settings in CFG USBLoader and under dml change it to DM, then save. Then, enjoy GameCube games in your loader.
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