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Thread: I think I'm having some IOS troubles.

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    I think I'm having some IOS troubles.

    Firstly, I did run through the hack any Wii guide, so I think I have the more common IOSs used for most games. I recently bought my wife and myself a bunch of those bargain bin games, 3 of the Wii dancing games, and Little King's Story (for myself). One of the dancing games is giving me the black screen after the controller strap screen, as is LKS. I assume this is an IOS issue, and have looked up which ones work.

    The problem is that I'm scared of messing with installing anything new to the Wii. It's been running like a dream since it was "hacked" and really don't want to brick it by installing bad WADs. Basically, I'm just here to get a little advice on whether or not there's much risk to installing them. I was looking through the forums here and one of the tutorials had a link for a nigh-"all-inclusive" collection of IOSs to install at once, is this a good idea? Is there a way for me to check personally if I won't be bricking this, or do I need one the of pros?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Have you got Bootmii installed as a boot2.
    When you install or change ios this all happens in the NAND. If your system is working well back the NAND up. (Making sure you keep a copy of the origonal NAND back up.)
    Then when you try installing new cios if it all goes wrong you can restore your system to the point where you backed up the NAND. (using bootmii boot2).
    Before you change anything make sure you understand the use of the NAND backup and restore.


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