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Thread: Project Zero 2

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    Project Zero 2

    I just bought Project Zero 2 (PAL game, PAL console). When I try to start the game I get a black screen and the controller switches off. Can't even reset it without cutting the power off.
    The box says I must have the latest version of the Wii menu but I've never been able to connect to the internet with it and the update is not included on the disc. The last game I played is Resident Evil DSC and that still works fine.
    I'm on Ver.3.1E and the I have the HBC (it has the Fatal Frame 4 translation patch on it and nothing else). I can't even find the flash drive I used (it was years ago).
    The thought of stuffing around with all this technical gobbledeegook again makes me feel sick...
    I just want to play the new game that I've paid for!

    A couple of suggestions of what I can do would be much appreciated.

    edit: the instruction book says there should be an update comfirmation screen but that dosn't appear. Can I delete the HBC or whatever I've got that's causing that not to happen?

    edit2: I remembered how to access the priiloader. I switched off the update blocker. When I then clicked on the disk, the update option appeared. I tried updating... the update failed... now it dosn't even recognize the disk.

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