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Thread: ios questions for my softmodded Wii

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    ios questions for my softmodded Wii

    I've recently followed mauifrog's guide on how to softmod a Wii, and I think I have it all working right. At least, I have the homebrew channel and all of the usb loaders and stuff. Nothing bad happened to the Wii, but it didn't really seem to do what I wanted it to do (it was only later that I realized that the flash drive I bought wasn't compatible with the Wii. Side note, it was an innocent mistake, because I did look at the compatibility list. I just mis-remembered PNY Attache 16gb as PNY Attache 8gb, and the 8gb doesn't work :P).

    So, in the process of trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it, I came across this: Usb Loader - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial , which just gave me more questions than answers, and I'm starting to have to reference multiple sources to "fix" what was supposed to work just fine so I decided to just come here and ask straight-out. As I said, I now know that the flash drive didn't even work to begin with, but the questions are still there.

    Basically, that link is suggesting that something called d2x is optimal for loading from usb, and it will apparently render ios249 obsolete, and I assume ios249 was previously the best thing...?

    Anyway, my questions are as follows:
    First, is d2x something I should need?
    Second, if it is, do I have it already from mauifrog's guide?
    Third, it says I need ios236 to get it, do I have that already from mauifrog's guide? Because it looks like there was something in the wad files that might be it, called 1os236...
    Fourth, included in the wad files are a bunch of ios things, including 249 and such. Are those forever in my Wii? Or do I have to reinstall them if I want to use a certain one? In the homebrew channel it says at the top right corner "ios58", what does that mean?

    I am a complete newbie, so forgive me if my questions are too elementary... and I hope I'm not being a bother by posting this here. I always feel kind of insecure in a new forum. I appreciate any help I can get! :)

    P.S. If I bought this PNY Attache 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive P-FD16GATT2-GE: Computers & Accessories would it work with the Wii? It looks like it's actually the correct flash drive that's on the compatibility list, but I'd hate to find out that there's some technicality in the specific one I'm looking at that makes it so it won't work.. :P thanks again!
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    Hello ZeShroom,

    First off all, I edited your post a bit. I removed the link to the guide of the other site, because that is against the rule here. I also removed the link to amazon as it might come across as advertising.
    I will give a more elaborate answer to your questions, so you actually understand how things work. In the wii, almost everything is run using IOS. IOS are used to run games and also the system menu, just about everything really. When you launch a wii game, the game will specifiy which IOS it will use. The IOS is launched and after that the game is started. There are multiple IOS which can co-exist, each installed in a different so called slot. For example, mario kart uses the IOS located in slot 36 and hence it's called IOS36.
    Every IOS has different features. For example, IOS58 is the only IOS which includes native USB 2.0 support and is used by the HBC. They could have used a different IOS for the HBC, but then there would be no USB 2.0 support, or an IOS would need to be modified to include USB 2.0 support and hackmii (makers of HBC) are not fan of modifying IOS'.
    One problem with these IOS is that they contain code that checks whether the game is an original disc, something that is undesirable for back-up loading. So in order to load back-ups, custom, or cIOS were made. cIOS do not contain the code used to check the disc anymore and furthermore they also include some extra features.
    In the past, there were two main creators of cIOS: Hermes and Waninkoko. Hermes was the creator of IOS236, whilst Waninkoko was the creator of IOS249. Eventually, Waninkoko stopped working on his cIOS. It was then picked up by the d2x team, which continued to develop it.

    So yes, you need d2x if you want to usb load. And yes, it is already included in the softmod any wii guide, as is IOS236 (which is not required for installing d2x at all). As to your final question: it is possible to remove an IOS, but most people just overwrite them with new ones.
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    Thank you for answering all of my questions Bliepo, and thanks for removing the links. I'll be more careful about that from now on. They were meant more for clarification than anything else, but I understand why they should be removed.


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