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Thread: need help disc wants to upgrade FW on WII

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    need help disc wants to upgrade FW on WII

    So I gotmy wii softmodded but have a disc of teader rabbit kindergarten. when I inserted the disc it gave me a screen that the disc requires fw upgrade. MY wii is 4.1u. Is there any workaround to play this disc

    need urgent help please help

    EDIT:Thanks figured it out used he backup neogamma and worked like charm
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    Please make sure you have Priiloader installed.
    Priiloader will Block Online Updates and Disc Updates,Once you set it.

    This is how to check if you have priiloader installed...
    Power on the Wii and immediately press and hold the reset button.

    If it is installed it will pop up, Go to System Menu Hacks and Enable Block Online Updates and Disc Updates.
    Also Enable Remove Diagnostic Disc Check and Move Disc Channel.

    If you don't have it install check this link out below.
    Here is The Link to Priiloader.Priiloader Guide
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