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Thread: Needing Clarification

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    Needing Clarification

    Been reading for hours on the website, just trying to figure it all out.

    I have a wii with firmware version 3.3, put in D2Pro9 v3 with clip and it will recognized the backups I put into it but it goes to a black screen after that. Is the only way to get the backups to work is to use gecko os off of homebrew channel? Or is it possible that since I have yet to find some vb -R disks, that could be the solution....

    I have read stories either way, and I just want to clarify please


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    It could be the actual games themselves. I am assuming you downloaded these (as legal backups). If the game isn't around 4.2 Gig or bigger then you will need gecko os.

    The game might also have an update from a different region that it is blocking but I doubt that would happen that frequently.

    Try some new media and make sure the iso you are burning is around 4.2 gig or bigger to ensure it isn't scrubbed.


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