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Thread: [GUIDE] - DIOS MIOS v2.11 - Play Gamecube Backups From Your USB HDD

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    [GUIDE] - DIOS MIOS v2.11 - Play Gamecube Backups From Your USB HDD

    [GUIDE] - DIOS MIOS v2.11

    Good Day everyone. The creator of Dios Mios, Crediar, has appeared to have given up on developing this piece of software, so I suppose this is the end of further updates to this guide too, other than technical changes and generally making it more understandable (if that is even possible). Therefore I shall link you to the alternative to Dios Mios while still gracefully leaving this guide here for you (and with a good reason too).


    The alternative to playing GC backups with a USB is Devolution. (The primary difference between these two that you will care about is that Devolution offers audio streaming while DM does not and Devolution requires you to verify your game discs prior to playing while Dios Mios doesn't, so if you've lost your disc, you're out of luck.) Otherwise, Dios Mios is a perfectly fine way to play GC games off your USB.

    [SPOILER="Guide's Changelog: updated *3/2/15*"]Added batch files for use with DiscEX to bulk prepare many GameCube .iso files at once.[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER="Dios Mios' Changelog"]
    2.11 (2014-07-03)
    • Added the FatFS link map feature which should greatly decrease load times

    2.10 (2013-05-24)
    • Fixed a bug in the pattern detection code (DVDLowReadDiskID)

    2.9 (2013-04-05)
    • Changed patch code to prevent false hits (DVDLowReadDiskID)
    • Added C_MTXLightPerspective patching (Fixes heat effects when using wide screen hack in Zelda:WW)

    2.8 (2013-02-24)

    • Fixed a bug in GCLoader that broke the progressive patch
    • Moved progressive patch back 16 bytes, this fixes PADHOOK and progressive patching not working at the same time

    2.7 (2013-02-20)

    • Fixed a bug that caused a black screen when using PADHook and Progressive mode patching at the same time

    2.6 (2012-12-01)

    • Reduced HDD read time out to 25 seconds
    • Added two disc supports (Extracted format is unsupported)

    2.5 (2012-11-09)

    • Fixed a bug in DM that could cause a fatal read error when using devices with under 8GB size
    • Added a PADHOOK pattern for Batman:Vengeance
    • Added a screenshot feature

    Readers, the most common problems that people have with DIOS MIOS is the settings of their USB Loader. Second to that is the version of the USB Loader and third their USB not actually being alligned with a 32kb cluster size. PLEASE make sure that your USB is 32kb cluster size, because many people come to this thread not knowing what was wrong and that was it the whole time. You can check your cluster size without any of the 3 listed tools with a method at the bottom of this post.


    1. Have a USB, a backwards compatible Wii (Wii with gamecube controller ports at the top), and your gamecube .iso or .gcm files, or a genuine gamecube disc. (Please convert your .gcm into .iso by simply changing the file extension)
    2. Format your USB to FAT32 with cluster size 32kb using Acronis Disk Director (trial), MiniTool,or EASEUS Partion Master. Also make the partition active and primary and first (USB1). (EASEUS only lets you change your clustersize after wiping your disk while Acronis and MiniTool don't. It can also trick into thinking you have the right cluster size when you don't.)
    3. Create a folder named "games" in the root of the USB on the first partition.
    4. Download DIOS MIOS v2.11, and a USB loader such as WiiFlow, CFG Loader, DIOS MIOS Booter, or USB Loader GX (2).
    5. Install the DIOS MIOS v2.11 wad file with Wad Manager 1.7. You may install it with d2x v8 base 56, or IOS236 base 36.

    (Warning: Installing older versions of DIOS MIOS will replace your currently existing mIOS and therefore you will not be able to play retail Gamecube games. To play these again, you must install MIOS v10 or a newer version of DIOS MIOS which overwrites the old DIOS MIOS wad. Please see bottom of post)

    Installing Games from .isos:

    1. Download DM Tool Box.
    2. Under Gamecube ISO, click the folder to the right and locate your Gamecube ISO file.
    3. Likewise, select your output directory to the "games" folder on your USB.
    4. Set the "Align" to 32K and the "Format" to Optimized. This will remove all the unnecessary files and make it smaller, MUCH smaller. If the game doesn't work and you have optimized it, try playing it again formatted as RAW instead (which means you will have to delete the old one and reinstall it). This issue is rare so if you can't play the game it is probably a different problem.
    5. It will install a folder called something like GMPP01 (PAL Mario Party 4). The .iso file within will be named game.iso, as it should be.
    6. If your game has two disks like Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, you will need to install the other disc the same way you did the first. Except rename the second disc from "game.iso" to "disc2.iso", then cut and paste it into the original folder with the first "game.iso". Do the same if it has more than 2 discs, naming it disc3.iso etc. (Does the Gamecube HAVE games that need more than 2 discs?) The second disc loads automatically.
    7. Now plug your USB into your Wii in port 0 (the one closer to the SD card) and run one of the loaders.

    [SPOILER="Convert multiple GameCube .iso files at once"]
    1. Download DiscEx and Batch Files and extract into a clean directory.
    2. Place your GameCube .iso files into the /iso directory.
    3. Run "go.bat" by double-clicking the file.
    4. When done, new directories will have been created in the current directory, one for each .iso file. Place these directories and the contents within into the /games directory of your USB, similar to the process shown below.

    [SPOILER="Old Method (still works)"]

    1. Download DiscEx and DML Wad Creator. Put these in the same folder.
    2. Start DML Wad Creator (the .bat file), following the on screen instructions to compress your Gamecube ISO and create the necessary files. (simply drag the iso to the box when it asks you to). Some games do not work uncompressed so you may want to check the compatibility list at the bottom of this post. Compressing is only good for saving space on your HDD. It does nothing else.
    3. A folder will be created such as "GLME01", the one for Luigi's Mansion. The folder will contain a "game.iso" file and a "sys" folder with two other files.
    4. Place the newly created folder into the "games" folder on the USB.
    5. Place your genuine gamecube or Wii game into the Wii.
    6. Plug the USB into port 0 (the one closer to the SD card slot) and run one of the USB loaders.


    Installing Games on your Wii
    (This is for if you don't have the .iso of your game and want to copy your genuine gamecube game to your USB using your Wii. This is also called ripping.)
    [SPOILER="Ripping with USB Loader GX"]

    1. Start USB Loader GX and go into settings.
    2. In Hard Drive Settings, have these settings:

    Game/Install Partitions - FAT32
    Multiple Partitions - Dependent on your USB (I suggest OFF)
    USB Port - Dependent on your USB (0 for close to SD port; 1 for close to Disc Drive)
    Install Directories - Gamename [GAMEID] (This is really your choice)
    Game Split Size - Split each 4GB (this is most likely the case if you have Wii and GC games on the same partition)
    Install Partitions - Only Game Partitions
    GC Intall Compressed - ON (I suggest this. Most Games work compressed and it takes up less space)
    GC Install32K Aligned - ON (definitely)

    Next go into settings>Custom Paths. Have these settings:
    Main GameCube Path - usb1:/games/ (you should know where you put your games)

    Insert your retail Gamecube Disc and you will receive a prompt box asking if you want to install. Just follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can click "Install a Game" at the bottom left of the screen.

    For WiiFlow you have to select the gamecube button at the bottom of the screen to see the games. Also update the loader with all the newest plugins.
    For CFG Loader the games will be put together. In System, where it says DML version, change it to DM.
    For Booter, it only shows the Gamecube Games as text.
    For USB Loader GX, go into settings>custom paths, and change the path from SD to USB1:/games/; and in settings>Hard Drive Settings, change USB Port to the port it is in (0 or 1) and set Multiple Partitions to ON or OFF. Have no disc in the Wii System.

    NB: If This has worked or not worked for you, it may be your USB that is not compatible. Please post your USB's information and whether it worked or didn't work with DIOS MIOS in this USB Compatibility List for future reference and for future users so that they may know which USB's to use and/or purchase, and also know whether or not their issue is really in compatibility and not a solvable issue. Thank You.

    Additional Settings:

    To make sure you don't have any problems running this game, such as Black Screens, Splash screen freezes or self-mutilation, here are some settings that are USB Loader Specific.

    If you have used an older version of DIOS MIOS and upgraded it, or were using an old version of you USB Loader and have updated it, you may receive problems. This can easily be fixed by deleting your old .cfg files and old .ini files. The next time you start the loader, it will create new ones with default settings.

    (I am currently filling this up and will be done soon)

    [SPOILER="USB Loader GX "] r1207, r1209 & r1213: Default settings work fine. PAD HOOK is set to OFF by default. Please set your custom paths properly. Also, feel free to update the USB Loader through the USB Loader itself to the newest version. After updated however, you will need to manually delete the .cfg and .ini files on your SD card (or USB) for DM to work at all. [/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER="WiiFlow"] WiiFlow 4.1 to 4.1.3: Default settings work fine.[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER="CFG Loader"]Follow all paths set by this guide. This is not as flexible as USB Loader GX. Whichever version of CFG Loader you download, update it from your Wii. Make sure Mios is selected.[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER="Dios Mios Booter"] Appears to only work with Dios Mios 2.2 and less. [/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER="Old stuff kept for my reference so I can change it. Ignore this please"]
    For DIOS MIOS 2.0:

    If you are being asked to copy your games to your SD card from your USB:

    1. Load your USB Loader from the Homebrew Channel instead of its forwarder.
    2. Make sure you are using the latest version of your USB Loader.
    3. Make sure you are using the latest forwarder for your USB Loader.

    If your game suddenly stops working at a certain time interval after you start playing e.g. 30 minutes:

    1. It is likely that your HDD is going into sleep mode while the game is playing.
    2. Try a different USB.

    DM 2.2 and higher only work with the newest versions of Wiiflow and USB Loader GX (the newest GX download is posted at the top of this post).[/SPOILER]

    List of Loaders that work with DM 2.10:

    USB Loader GX: r1205, r1207, r1209, r1213 (check the credits in the loader's options. It should say at the top left DM 2.9+)
    WiiFlow: v4.1
    CFGLoader: cfg70MODr51
    Booter: None for DIOS MIOS past v2.2

    Fixes for less common problems:

    If your Gamecube controller does not work with DIOS MIOS (any version):

    1. Load your original retail Gamecube disc from the Wii Menu or a disc loader.
    2. Start playing the game to confirm that your controller works.
    3. Make any sound effect with your mouth.
    4. Load your GC Backup with your USB Loader. It should work now.
    5. ????
    6. Profit.

    When upgrading your USB Loader to a newer version, just simply replace the .dol file. You can also replace the image and xml file too to make it look knew on your Homebrew Channel. If you can't run GC games through Dios Mios any more after updating, try deleting your .cfg files and .ini files. However, deleting these filese may remove your USB Loader's connection to other things such as where your box art images are stored. You can easily restore this by shifting around the image files on the SD card using your computer or changing the custom paths settings on your loader.

    Any of these these will cause problems:

    1. Your USB Loader and version of DM aren't compatible.
    2. Your USB isn't compatible and therefore games cannot be played from it. Our Own USB Compatibility List
    3. You didn't change DML to DM (CFG Loader only).
    4. The partition you are using isn't first. (if you only have one partition, this is not the case.)
    5. The game is not compatible with your version of DIOS MIOS. Game Compatibility List (2)
    6. The game does not work when compressed or vice versa.
    7. The Game you are playing is out of region. (You can tell if the game has an E, P, or J in this GLME01 part of the ID. The single letter before the numbers. E is for the U.S., P is for PAL (European), J is for Japan.
    8. Possibly bad rip of game.
    9. Possibly bad installation of the DIOS MIOS wad file. (Try using IOS236)
    10. Your USB Loader's settings are incorrect, or you are using an outdated or incompatible version of the USB Loader.
    11. NMM or Ocarina are on (won't always cause a problem).
    12. Very Important and seemingly obvious: Make sure your cluster size is 32kb. Most applications that format drives automatically set it to 64kb, even if you tell it to do 32kb. A simple double check will make sure it's right.

    Other Notes: (You will want to read this. Just look at the sub heading to see if it applies to you)

    Using A Virtual Gamecube Memory Card (update pending)
    Whaa-aat? Why would I want to do that? Well, if you're like me, you've lost your Gamecube Memory card and really want to get along in a game and save your data. Well, we've got the solution for you! It's called NMM, or No More Memory. Using NNM enables you to save your game to your SD card or USB. (This feature is not compatible with all games)
    1. Go into your Loader's settings and turn on NMM
    2. Make sure you don't have a real memory card in your Wii whlie you are using NMM
    3. The game will think you have a memory card in so it will save as normal.
    4. I will make this section more detailed as I have not really used this feature very much (also it is very easy to set up already) so it will be updated in the future

    Using Cheats (Ocarina)

    1. Get your GCT file from Wiird or other source
    2. Make sure it's formatted properly if you got your cheats in AR (Action Replay) format. (If you need help getting it to the correct format just ask me but it might take a paragraph)
    3. Place your GCT file named [GAMEID].gct in this path SD:/codes/GAMEID.gct.
    4. If you are using USB Loader GX, make sure to change your custom paths to the path listed above. This is where default codes are stored for CFG Loader.
    5. Go into Settings and choose a Hook Type. I suggest using the default VBI, but if that doesn't work just try others.

    Some Shortcut functions:
    R, Z, Start: reboot Wii
    R, Z, down d-pad, B: Shutdown Wii
    Z + R (only on the fourth controller): Take screenshot at any time! These are saved to USB1:/screenshots in YPbPr format. Use YCbYCr2BMP to convert them. Afterward you can use Format Factory to convert the image to any other image format.

    This works fine for WiiFlow but you need to set GC Pad Hook to ON in USB Loader GX

    Losing Ability to Play Retail Discs

    You may have lost your ability to play retail discs because of DIOS MIOS. If you have, the first thing you should try is updating your wad to update 5 or higher. (Simply re-install the newer dios mios wad with wad manager). Either way, you should always have the newest version.

    To allow you to play retail GameCube Games again:

    Re-install original mIOS file:

    • Download MIOS v10 and install it using Wad Manager and you're done.

    Method to see if your USB is 32K Alligned (has 32kb cluster size)
    (Thanks to Candylove for this method)

    1. Plug your USB into your computer
    2. Create a text file on that USB (in any folder, whatever is easy for you). You can do this by right clicking, selecting "New", then "Text Document".
    3. Type something short in that file like "Hello", and save it with whatever name.
    4. Right click on that file and select "Properties".
    5. A box will pop up. Look at what it says for "Size" and "Size on disk".
    6. The Size will be dependent on what you typed in that text file. If it was "Hello" it should be 5 bytes (1 byte per character) but that doesn't matter. What's important is the Size on Disk. If it says 32.00 KB (32.786 bytes), then your USB is properly aligned. If it says anything else, then your drive does not have 32kb cluster size. Go use one of the partition editing tools above to fix it

    Why does it work?

    DIOS MIOS, was the nazi's back up project if the US managed to build the atomic bomb mean...magic! Oh, and Credit to Crediar for making DIOS MIOS. Don't I dare leave that out!

    Big thanks to SNES_Master and candylove and Jax for all their help throughout this thread

    If anything is unclear, incorrect or if there is any missing information, please advise me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwjakesteel View Post
    Okay I edited this like a dozen times now but I got it to work. my BIGGEST problem was that I didn't put the games in a folder called 'games'. WOW

    So, all you need to do is download DIOS MIOS.wad. I installed it using d2x IOS249 base 56. You could probably do it with other things

    If you don't want to hear me ramble, just go here:
    How to create/use DIOS-MIOS (Lite) -

    Install it with Wad Manager (v1.7)

    Get a USB Format it to FAT32 with the clutser size 32 (This is important) You can format it really quickly with "EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition"

    Make a folder called games on the ROOT of the drive
    Download DiscEx (it's on the same page that lets you download the wad.
    Download DML wad creator

    Extract the stuff from DML and DiscEx to the same folder.
    Open DML wad editor, type c, press enter, then drag your Gamecube iso to the command prompt box.
    Press y then enter to allow it to compress you game (note: some games don't work compressed but only a few)
    It will compress and put your game into a folder with a bunch o' letter and numbers. You should be used to that by now.
    Copy and paste that into the 'games' folder in the root of your USB.
    Then plug your USB in. Run DIOS MIOS Booter or other USB Loader. Wiiflow and CFG loader (the newest newest updates) can run the GC games.
    Then you're good.

    Oh, and one important thing. You need to have a gamecube disc inside the wii when you're running the backup loader. Or else the wii will shut off. It will shut off if you use a wii disc.

    I think I covered everything. If can make this more organized if you'd like.
    How do you run disc backups

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    Quote Originally Posted by oatsSupreme View Post
    How do you run disc backups
    I'm sorry, I wish I could tell you.

    I believe you get a blank DVD-R and burn the iso or gcm file unto it. The iso and the gcm are the same with just different names. When your burning the iso file to the disc make sure the read type is DVD-ROM. If you use DVD+R you'll have some trouble. There has to be a disc backup loader thread on this forum somewhere.

    I'm not sure if DIOS MIOS runs disc backups. I know it can run from the SD and the USB. You'll have to use a different loader. Like NeoGamma probably.

    Whenever I tried using a disc backup it always failed me. So I'm very happy with USB loaders and their configurability.
    Last edited by cwjakesteel; 06-26-2012 at 03:04 PM. Reason: Just a note

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    Yea i know my memcard broke so i stop playin my gc backups. And I thought you didnt need memcard for this.
    Oh yea i already had my games burned and my external hdd is gone. I'll just got back to wiigator thanks though

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    I lost my memcard. DIOS MIOS has a virtual memcard that can save the files of some games. But not all. So it gets kind of annoying when you reach a pivotal part of the game, or if you're playing those 'save anytime' games that don't prompt you to save and you reach quit far only to give it up. I'm probably going to buy a new one. It can't be that​ expensive can it?

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    @cwjakesteel, you mentioned before that it wouldn't work on a partition on the same disc as wii game backups. Is that still the case or does that kind of setup work now that you know the correct folder structure? Also, I assume the gamecube game that has to be inserted should be genuine, not a backup copy itself?

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    @nowayout. If the USB you are using is formatted to FAT32 with clustersize 32kb then both your wii games and gamecube games will be able to play using Wiiflow or CFG loader or otherwise (granted they are updated). The gamecube games simply must be put in a folder called 'games' after being formatted with discEx's -c function.

    The gamecube games won't work if you separated your gamecube games from the wii games by using different partitions. The gamecube games will only run if the partition they are on is primary, active and the first one. So if you decide to add a partition to put the gamecube games it won't run and instead it will run the gamecube game disc you have put inside your wii.

    However, if the first, primary and active partition is the partition th gamecube games are on then it will run.

    I have only used a genuine gamecube disc in the wii so far. I will try using a backup disc and see if it works. I think what happens with DIOS MIOS is that it redirects the reading of the disc to the reading of the USB.

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    I hope somebody else here can tell if GameCube backup DVD-R games can still be run on the optical drive of the Wii (via latest NeoGamma R9 beta 56) with DIOS MIOS v2.0 installed. I would like to know if DIOS MIOS v2.0 will break such functionality.

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    Well, the DIOS MIOS v2.0 wad replaces and overwrites all previously existing MIOS and cMIOS. Does that answer your question? (I really don't know).

    Quote Originally Posted by nowayout View Post
    Also, I assume the gamecube game that has to be inserted should be genuine, not a backup copy itself?
    You're right. I tried to run it with a 1.3 GB disc DVD-R with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle burned on it, and the Wii shut off. However, it could have just been a bad disc or a bad burn.
    Last edited by cwjakesteel; 06-27-2012 at 07:33 PM.

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    how come the NMM WILL NOT work on any of gc games? I set it to on but still doesn't work and some games shows memory card slot a file damage and needs to be removed and i tried to remove it it failed but i dont even have memory card.
    Last edited by axaznguitony28; 06-27-2012 at 07:47 PM.

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