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Thread: Soft modded wii no longer reads discs

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    Soft modded wii no longer reads discs

    Hi all,

    A friend has asked me for some advice on his wii but I haven't switched my wii on for about 2 1/2 years so I'm hoping somebody can help.

    He has a soft modded wii that, untill recently, has played his backups (via disc) flawlessly. He has not changed any software/firmware on his wii but, all of a sudden, his wii has decided it doesn't want to play his backups. He doesn't understand about all the different loaders and things.

    He has asked me if I can fit a mod chip for him but after looking around the forums I suspect that this would be pointless.

    I'm thinking that his wii's laser has probably began to fail and is no longer strong enough to read his discs but I was wondering what you guys think?

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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    If he's getting Something like,Disc Read Error...Etc,Then maybe so.

    If this is the case,then he could go out and buy a cleaner for it.
    I would suggest loading through the Usb HDD.

    If all else fails ...Then the Next option would be to buy a new drive.

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    Ok thanks.

    I've ordered a lens cleaner so I'll see how that goes!


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