I softmodded my Wii about a year ago so I'd be able to play imported games, ever since my Wii has been rather problematic with me.

At times when I turn it on and the SD Card with all the software (bootmii, homebrew etc.) is inside the slot, the disk tray is flashing blue. When I take the card out, it just doesn't work. It leads me to try OVER AND OVER with the card inside until I am getting the bootmii screen after my 15th or so try. Problem is that at times, once I get to bootmii, I cannot access the Wii Menu nor the Homebrew channel at all, the screen just go dark.

At times once things DO work everything is hunky-dory and I can play games and what not. For a day. Then it goes back to the original problem, one time I even had a SOLID blue light in the disk tray, not to mention lately when I play games they freeze up on me, which is really irritating.

I am not sure what the problem is, I have everything installed, every WAD, bootmii, homebrew and priiloader and yet I get those annoying problems OVER AND OVER. I am pretty lost and I have been trying to fix myself to no avail.

Please help!