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Thread: IOS getting stub 249 , 250

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    Talking IOS getting stub 249 , 250


    Guys I have softmoded my Wii 4.3u with the recommend guide here in your forum, for some reason my IOS are getting stub and have to overwrite them now and then.. Can anyone help me understand why is this happening.. I thought following the guide would lock up the Wii from getting updates from Nintendo...

    Am I missing something, you help would be really appreciated..

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    This points to getting updated.
    Did you Enable the Block Disc/Online Updates in priiloader?

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    yes I did...

    But I don't know if it saved the setting because I go back and still in their default..

    does the settings get saved in SD card or in the Wii settings....?

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    This makes zero sense. Double check your priiloader settings.

    It gets stored in the NAND, NOT the SD. You have to press SAVE on the bottom.


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    Appreciate your help greatly,

    It seems that the screen where the options are has a little bug, at the very end the last option would say:

    "Block online updatesave setttings"

    which it should be separated options as:

    Block online update

    save settings.

    that why I would say the setting weren't saved because I found as they were before as default..

    check the little pic I have uploaded:


    thanks for your help..


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