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Thread: Gamecube back ups?

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    Gamecube back ups?

    I have read contradicting information about this. I would like a difinitive answer...can gamecube backups be played from the hard drive? in usbloader gx it allows you to back them up, select them, but the system just resets. I read they can be played from the sd card but that is not good because it's too small, and I read that wii doesn't like sdhc cards. I am not going to buy a wode. I would like to backup and play my gamecube collection, if possible. any help appreciated

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    U can use dios mios lite to play backups stored on your usb device but it transfers them to the sd card each time u play, and u can use sdhc cards just not for softmodding in most cases. Or there is dios mios which i believe can now play direct from hard drive but i have no more information than that at the moment.

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    Go here. You need DIOS MIOS 2.0 wad to play off the hard drive. You'll also need Dios Mios Lite. All the info is on this site, just do some searching. I got it running yesterday.
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    I'm looking into that, thanks for your replies!


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