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Thread: Worst thing that could have happened after using DopMii?

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    Worst thing that could have happened after using DopMii?

    Alright, I was letting my younger sister use my wii. She is 6, and doesn't know much about technology, but she still plays wii games. I was letting her play and when I came back in DopMii was doing something. She apparently went into the homebrew channel and opened it. I don't know what she did, but the wii still booted fine, and MarioKart Wii still ran (that was the only game I tested). Is it likely that something else broke? How can I check? I already had the trucha bug restored and two CIOS installed. Please help inform me if you can.

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    DopMii is not for 6 year olds. Go to this thread, do a syscheck & post there, explain what happened. If it's out of date or anythings amiss people will most certainly point you to the softmod guide in my signature.


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    Yeah, I know DopMii isn't for six-year-olds, she was just supposed to be playing MarioKart Wii, but I guess I should have thought to remove DopMii once I no longer needed it. I should probably get rid of my CIOS installers too. I'll post there.


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