Looked around, searched and stuff. Used Google. Etc. I've only posted here with Problems Once. and that was back in '09 when I successfully hacked my Wii and havent had a single problem that i couldn't figure out on my own via Google or Wiihacks or other sites.

But anyway. I hope this isn't a common issue and I'm just not phrasing the search correctly.

I've been using the "If it aint broke don't fix it" saying here, but everytime i open up the HBC it asks me to update. Which I do. I let it download. Then the "Dont pay for this" scam screen comes up and stays up. for Forever.

Updating never works, and HBC constantly asks me to update. It gets frustrating but honestly it hasnt really hurt my Gaming at all, i have no reason to update it other than to get it to stop asking me to update. Is there an easy way to fix this?

tl;dr HBC Update freezes at the Scam Screen. How do i fix it so it stops freezing there.