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Thread: ipod 30 gb or nintendo wii?

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    ipod 30 gb or nintendo wii?

    i have an ipod nano and im going to return it for either a nintendo wii or a ipod 30 gig video. which should i get?

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    If you like music more: Ipod



    My personal opinion, I would go with a Ipod

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    If you get the iPod you will only get movies, games, music, audio books, podcasts. If you get the wii you have the games.

    Personly i would go with the wii. You just have to look at the pros and cons!

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    go the 30 gig, massive amount of musicin your pocket and any way the PS3 is out now lol.

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    Dude an ipod can hold music and videos right and the Wii is

    motion sensing.Well get a PSP because it holds music and videos and its a gaming system.As for me I have a Wii and a ipod nano.


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