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Thread: Fix Mislabeled Titles :(

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    Fix Mislabeled Titles :(

    Hello everyone.

    I searched to no avail. Found a couple good leads, but still doesn't work correctly.

    I'd like the titles on my hdd to show correctly. Right now it shows the nintendo standard game name, but not the actual game title.

    I'd gone into my usb cfg and wii flow and tried to update that way but it doesn't seem to work for all games, like wii sports resort, which you think would be a given.

    I appreciate your help ladies and gents.


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    Wii backup manager will allow you to rename the games.

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    I just actually saw that option on WBM. ::face palm::.

    Since my post I've discovered that one of the loaders (I forget which at the moment), displays fine. All the others seem to match the folder names associated with the game. I will try to change those and see if I am completely solved.

    Thanks for putting up with the stupid question. I'm sure this has been asked a million times. I think the search not counting 3 letter words, ie) "Fix"... hurts in this situation.

    Thank you.


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