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Thread: I formatted my wii and now i get a black screen with several options help

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    I formatted my wii and now i get a black screen with several options help

    Hello to everyone, i'm new at this forum so i really don't know if this question is already answered somewhere i havent find so please if someone sees this i would preciate if you redirect me to where i need to go.

    My wii was softmodded by a firend i haven't used it in a long time until today, i cleaned out the dust and after i turned it on i thought "why not to completely format wii system memory and try to softmod it myself? " after i did my wii shows me a black screen with several options which are:

    homebrew channel
    installed file

    load/install file
    systemmenu hacks

    i've tried all the options but i sincerily dont know what to do, please help and sorry again if this has already been posted before

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    Try placing the hackmii installer boot.dol on sd:\
    Load the preloader and select load/install
    load boot.dol (press 1 I think)

    Is it preloader 0.28?
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