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Thread: update lu52 wii before i mod?

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    update lu52 wii before i mod?

    getting a wii next week that the disc drive doesnt work. its a serial number is lu52xxxxxxx. im not sure on the version it has, but should i update it to 4.3 before i do any kind of modding to the system? far as i know, its never been modded before, apparently the disc drive has quit on it. cosmetically, it has lot of scratches, but thats minor issue. i would rather have one scratched all to peices that works then one that looks mint and wont play worth a quarter.

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    i got it modded now. if i would of just "read the mod any wii guide" i would of known the answer to this lol

    got the disc drive working also. working on trying to get backups working now.


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