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Thread: Other applications similiar to Neogammar for playing burned dvd's

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    Us Other applications similiar to Neogammar for playing burned dvd's

    Hi! I am currently using Neogammar to play burned discs on my wii. It's been working for 95% of my disks with the exception of I believe 1-2 pal version games. It seems that it is only able to show black and white (No color) for pal version disks. What is the solution? I already tried by checking off "Yes" for region free in the options menu of Neogammar. Am I missing something or should I also try another application for playing discs like Darkcorp or is there another application that I can try?

    Lastly, if I am going to install another application for the playing of burned disks on my wii, then how should I install it? Where should I put it on my sd card and from where on my wii or homebrew channel should I install it from.

    Your suggestions are appreciated.

    Thank you

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    You should skip the disc loading alltogether IMHO, usb loading ftw.


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