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Thread: Sony sells their 50 millionth PS2

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    Sony sells their 50 millionth PS2

    Joining the all-important 50 million club today is Sony, which has just recently moved its 50 millionth PlayStation 2 game console here in North America. For those with short-term memories, the PS2 hit the scene in the year 2000, well before the iPod, Windows XP and America's current president took their rightful places. NPD numbers estimate that around 43 million of these 50 million units were sold here in the US of A, and if you're really looking for some staggering numbers, get a load of this: In November 2008, 206,000 PS2s were moved in America, while just 172 million more PS3s were sold in the same window. Talk about longevity / sluggish adoption, respectively.

    LOL. That bit about the PS2 outselling the PS3 is nuts. Can you imagine the GameCube outselling the Wii?

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    I must admit when the PS2 came out I was so excited lol but when the ps3 came out I did not react the same way lol

    But the best game on ps2 was GTA 3 lol

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    What garry said is true. Most of the good games are on the PS2. Not to mention PS2 games are way way cheaper than the PS3 game when it debut. New games for the PS2 was roughly 30 - 40 dollars but the PS3 game are about 60 dollars. I can understand why the PS2 can still out sell the PS3.
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