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Thread: Starting fresh and then softmod again

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    Question Starting fresh and then softmod again


    I am new to these forums so hello!

    Okay question time. My brother bought a wii and he hacked it ages ago, like 3 years ago. And so we haven't updated it since. He said that he did so many different things, hes not sure what worked and what didn't. All I know is that he needed the Twilight Princess disk to hack it, which is no longer with us.

    I lost my game of pikmin 2 new play control (already I know) but luckily I backed it up! Although I got a problem. When I try to pop the backup in, it says An error has occurred, please turn off the wii and remove the disc and refer to the operation manual" or something along those lines. I read around and I figured I guess I have to update the wii to make it work with the newer games.

    so here are my questions:

    1) How do I remove the old hacks and start "fresh"
    2) How do I update to the latest wii version (do I just go to the wii store?)
    3) How can I hack it again? I don't have twilight princess anymore and I don't wanna buy a modchip. Any other options?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to Wiihacks.

    You no longer need that game.Twilight princess.

    Just follow the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide.(Link is At The Bottom Of My Signature.)
    Start from Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed follow it all the way through.

    There's no need to delete anything ,everything will be over written.
    Please Read it A few times, Then Proceed.

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    Quick question. I have a few "apps", old games. Will I still be able to get them. They are like the original legend of zelda and super mario bros and super mario 2

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    This will not erase those games if they are installed on the wii.

    If they are on your Sd Card you can save them to your computer.

    P.S. does Not Support Piracy.
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    Don't worry, this isn't piracy. They are all honestly purchased, I'm just a wii n00b


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