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Thread: Problem converting and finding WBFS files.

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    Problem converting and finding WBFS files.

    So I just started hacking my Wii and everything's been going smoothly up until now. I went to thepiratebay and downloaded the Mario Kart Wii version with the most seeders and what not. After it had finished downloading I found out that I needed to convert it from WBFS to ios or something like that. Now the problem is that when I formatted my USB (I'm using WBFS Manager 3.0) and went to browse for the file, it says that the file that was originally holding the wbfs is empty, but when I go into my downloads I can find it and it says that the wbfs has 2,711,552 KB. Does anyone know what I should do? Thank you.

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    You should look at THIS before making any posts!


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