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Thread: is there an app that'll let me play .vid files (I tried wii mc)

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    Question is there an app that'll let me play .vid files (I tried wii mc)

    I have a bunch of .vid files that I put on my hdd that came from an app on my droid they work on my computer and I was hoping I'd be able to watch them from my wii so I could watch them on my tv from the hdd. I assumed wiimc would work because I've played other formats on it but my .vid files don't even show up in the list when I go to open a file
    If anyone has gotten .vid files to work on wii plz let me know how! Thanks.

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    That is a generic video file, you may be able to simply change the file extension. If not then you will have to convert it to a different format.

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    I can't believe I didn't think of changing the extension name. I remember changing divx files to avi for a program that only supported avi files so divx files wouldn't show up until I changed the format to avi and it worked so this will be like the same thing. Thanks alot for replying so soon, I am going to try it now.

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