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Thread: Questions about Letterbomb, ACToolkit..? Help please!

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    Exclamation Questions about Letterbomb, ACToolkit..? Help please!

    Hi everyone. I am new here, and need a little help with my wii. My family had a wii about a year ago and our favorite game was animal crossing: city folk, but the CD drive broke and we were unable to play any games for over a year Recently we were able to buy another wii on eBay. Of course we have to start over on everything and my siblings are upset over it. So I thought why not download the homebrew channel and AC Toolkit and get our town back to the way it was? This would be the ONLY thing I used that homebew channel for.

    Here are my questions, please bare with me as this will probably be long. And yes, I did tons of searching prior to joining this forum. I think I will be good to go with a little help!!

    I have wii version 4.3u, so I would like to use Letterbomb. Here are the instructions I found:

    -NO GAME inserted in wii
    -Get Mac address
    -Put SD card into computer ( I read on this site that a Sandisk Ultra 4GB SDHC works?)
    -google letterbomb
    -go to site and enter version 4.3u, mac address, and click "cut the red wire"
    -open zipped folder and delete all but the private folder and boot.elf
    -copy both to SD card
    -put SD in wii and open new red letter with a bomb in it on yesterdays date
    -on warning page, wait then press 1
    -install the homebrew channel
    -yes, continue

    And then, viola, I should have the homerew channel, right? I copied all of these instructions from watching a Youtube video, so I am assuming they are correct? Also, is there anything I should download first to prevent harming my wii? Could I possibly try to download the channel on my broken wii? It still runs fine, just doesnt play games. I could then delete the channel and everything on the sd card and start fresh on my new wii. Would this work?

    Next on my journey to getting my old town back, I would need to download the Homebrew Browser channel to install the savegame extractor and installer, correct?

    Get homebrew browser:

    -Open up Wii Brew website and pull up Homebrew browser page
    -Click download on the right side of the page, save the lower case homebrew file to desktop
    -go to My Computer, then to SD card
    -create new folder named "apps"
    -go to folder and drag homebrew browser from desktop to apps folder
    -safely eject SD

    go to wii:

    -Open homebrew
    -click homebrew browser
    -click load, then wait
    -download savegame exctractor and savegame installer from utilities

    Almost done guys, now to AC Toolkit:

    -download AC Toolkit v1.3 to computer
    -go in homebrew channel to savegame extractor, click load
    -once it says "ok!", take out SD??? (or do i go to wii menu first, wait, ect?)

    Go to computer:

    -Put in SD card
    - Go to WIISAVES folder and copy it to computer and rename ( Is this creating my "safe backup" that I will need?)
    - Open AC Toolkit?
    -Open Wiisaves from SD card
    -Go to RUUE
    -open RVFOREST.DAT
    -Edit town!!!!!
    -Safely Eject SD

    To Wii: (last time!)

    -Put SD in Wii
    -Go to Homebrew Channel
    -Go to Savegame Installer, load
    -Taken back to wii boot up screen with warning, then wii menu
    -Click on the first block of wii where disks are played and play ACCF on newly edited town!

    Whew, done! Do I have all my information correct? If so, should I go ahead and give it a go? I am sorry that this is so long, I just want to make sure that I do not harm my game, wii, or computer from any of this. Better safe than sorry!

    Last few Q's: After I am done editing my town, could I delete homebrew and still keep the changes I made to my game? Will they always be there or do I have to load the game from the installer every time? Will my game lag? If I want to update in the future, could I delete the Homebrew Channel and do so? Sorry if these are silly questions, but I just couldnt find a straight answer anywhere lol. Thanks so much to all who read and helped!!

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    How about a more simple answer. Why don't you just take the drive out of your new Wii and use it to replace the broken one in your old Wii?

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    I did not know that could be done. I would rather do that, thank you. How would I do that though?

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    You'll need a triwing screwdriver.


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    Well I got the Homebrew Channel on my wii and thought I had the browser too, but while I was looking through the apps an error occurred and I had to reset. I am really not tech-savvy at all and since I have come this far I would really just like to edit my town and be done with it. Should I try the browser again? I still need to download the extractor and installer. And most importantly will my edited town stay the same if I delete the Homebrew channel right afterwards? Please, please help.

    Thank you for that Blu, if I cannot edit my town then I will be sure to do that.

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    Thank You, JAX.
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