I finally got my friend's Wii working perfectly, although I had to reformat and use WBFS since FAT32 wasn't working for some reason, but I noticed their SD card or SD slot in their Wii is finicky. By finicky I mean when I go into HBC, the screen is often blank until I eject and then press the SD card in again and only then will I see the apps. Which isn't a big deal, but I also loaded WiiFlow on it and I'm pretty sure that is where all the covers will be saved.

My question is can I just make a super small FAT32 partition on their external hard drive and basically cut and paste the SD card on it to avoid the SD card or will much more be needed to be done? Any tips, tricks or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

FYI I can't imagine them ever wanting or needing to go back into HBC, so the SD card is basically only going to be used for the game covers for WiiFlow and if they use it a lot, it will be annoying to keep ejecting and pushing in the SD card.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!