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Thread: Confused about wiiflow install procedure

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    Confused about wiiflow install procedure

    i went to wiiflow's website and followed their guide exactly. I'm confused about the last step which is:
    "Be sure to delete gameconfig1.ini and gameconfig2.ini in /wiiflow/settings, all WDM files /wiiflow/codes/wdm, and also your /wiiflow/cache/lists folder!"

    They don't say where to delete this from. I'm guessing from your Wii memory since i can't find these files on my sd card or external hard drive. If this is true, how would i go about doing this? (a link to a guide of some sort would be greatly appreciated, i looked for a while and couldn't find the right guide)

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    They should all be uh the wiiflow folder on your sd card or HD depending on how u r set up.

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