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Thread: Gamecube Action Replay Codes from PAL to US?

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    Gamecube Action Replay Codes from PAL to US?

    For TimeSplitters 2, there's a few action replay codes that the PAL version has that the USA version doesn't.

    On this website: Removed Out Side Link there's a "Never lose stealth points", "Stop suit power countdown", and "Easy points in certain challenges" cheat under the "EU" codes, but those 3 aren't in the "US" section. I've looked on many websites and none of them have a US code for those 3. I tried getting a GCT from Removed Out Side Link with the US codes I want, and then added those 3 pal codes with GCTEdit but it made the game freeze on start up. To test where geckocodes got their codes, I converted a US Action Replay code from action replay to Ocarina using a couple programs to see if I would get the same code as gecko, and I did. So the codes in are converted action replay codes. Since the pal codes don't work on my TimeSplitters 2, I need to convert them to US somehow. I've tried using this website: Removed Out Side Link but it seems very complicated and I don't know much about hex values.

    Basically, here are the PAL Action Replay codes I want in Ocarina US format:

    Removed Cheats.

    If it matters, my Wii is 4.1U and I'm using Neogamma to launch Gamecube games.
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