Hey everyone, I will try be as specific as possible with my problem. I am sorry if it has already been answered.

First of all I softmoded my Wii using this guide:

Everything seems to be in working order from that.
Secondly I ripped my games using the CleanRip application. I rippled both Super Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil Zero, both Pal.
I followed this guide to burn em:

I used a Maxell 16x DVD-R to burn onto. I use Neogamma 9 Beta to run the games.
First with RE0, the game loads and plays but every so often the dvd has a read error and the Wii needs to be restarted. Although for RE0 I used a pretty poor DVD R that was brandless

With Super Mario Galaxy the game runs smoothly but the cutscenes run so very bad. The fps seems to drop to around 5 or so and its awful to try watch. The game also seems to look slightly worse than my original.

Any help is appreciated, I dunno if the problem is CleanRip or Burning the DVD or the App running it or even if these games have specific problems running from backups.