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Thread: How to edit wii iso?

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    Question How to edit wii iso?

    I am trying to add custom tracks into my backup of mario kart wii can anyone tell me a software which i can edit wii iso files? I tried WiiScrubber but it only allows me to replaces files but not adding files I cant use
    Riivolution as my sd card is out of space... so can anyone help me?

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    Mabye trucha signer and .ff viewer, not sure but worth a try,cool idea btw

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    never messed with it myself, but I believe what you need is called an "SZS modifier"

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    It works if you try to replace them but when using MKWII CT they added more slots for course so when using them the map names gets mixed up and these tools can only replace files and i am not sure there are any program that allows you to add files into a .ISO file

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