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Thread: No USB detection with GX emulators.

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    No USB detection with GX emulators.

    My Wii has been soft-modded for 3+ years now and I recently bought a Wii motion plus remote which didn't work on many apps (mainly FCENESGX and Snes9xGX) so I let ModMii run it's magic on a fresh SD card and let it do a fresh Hackmii and updates, etc. I also installed the unofficial updates of FCE and Snes9x that fix Motion+ from this thread (this is probably all I really I needed know but I was due for a good clean update.) During this process I also formatted my USB hard drive from FAT/WBFS to NTFS.

    Now Snes9xGX and FCENESGX no longer detect the USB drive (they did previously). CFGLoader and WiiMC both detect the USB still.

    Any advice on what the problemo is would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, you might try using a FAT/WBFS usb hard drive. Wiis can be incredibly picky sometimes.

    Of course, anything within that process could have done it.


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