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Thread: Backing up a wii Backup ?

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    Backing up a wii Backup ?


    does anyone know if it's possible to re~backup a copy of a wii backup ?

    If do i go about it ?

    Do i need a LG drive still as it isnt an original ?

    Thankyou in advance

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    Why do you need to back up a backup? See wii documentation :P

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    A successfully back-up disc is simple to copy. Just use a program like Nero and Copy DVD. Takes about 20 minutes for me, and works fine. I backed-up with cheap Memorex DVD-R's and then read how they can degrade over time. So I made copies of the Memorex Game discs onto Verbatim DVD-R whcih apparently use a higher quality dye. Hope this helps.

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    If you are having trouble with your pc drive reading the game disc, you either need to buy the LG drive or use the dump to sd card method using a gekko drive.


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