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Thread: VC wads "failed to launch" from SD card

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    VC wads "failed to launch" from SD card

    Hi everyone,

    apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section.

    I have a 4.3e Wii with the hbc installed and I've run into a problem when I copy over virtual console games from the system memory onto my SD card.

    I've been swapping over my 50hz european games for their ntsc u versions via the WAD manager application; they all installed perfectly after using the custom nand loader utility to patch each wad. The problem is that after I copy them across I then get an error message stating "failed to launch".

    I've read on this site that solution is to install IOS60patched through the homebrew channel but the thread goes back a couple of years. Is this safe to installed on my 4.3e Wii?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice!

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    If it's that old, probably not.
    I would recommend something like the Multi Mod Manager for updating your IOS's tho. It manages to help you not seriously damage your wii if you do something wrong.


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