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Thread: A way to convert a riivolution package to gecko?

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    A way to convert a riivolution package to gecko?

    EDIT:Okay, new problem. gecko does not recognise my disk. I dunno what happened, but even though I have used gecko to apply codes to a backup copy of mht on dvd, it won't any more.
    Is this because I let riivolution do its thing to my cios's?
    End of new problem, begining of original.

    I've been using gecko for a very long time, as well as darkcorp, so I never found out that riivolution and darkcorp don't mix.
    I am attempting to use this:

    I don't mind if I have to go in and switch around files any time I want to do another mode or anything, and I'd always want all of that stuff enabled, so I don't really mind how it's done, as long as it is. I am attempting right now to make a custom iso w/ all the stuff in it already, but since I'm using wiiscrubber, it's taking a loooooong time (because you can only change one file inside at a time).
    I was fully into the hacking scene a while back, but it seems since I last perused the up to date stuff, i've become very outdated. Any recommendations on good iso explorers, file explorers, and general tools for wii hacking would be very much appreciated (and possibly something new to replace mmm. It's probably a pretty old version).

    But yeah, my wii is fully hacked (meaning all the cios's and ios's installed and on 4.3U system menu. For the most part, I use MMM to boot my stuff.
    I do not have the homebrew channel due to some serious weirdness, so I just boot straight to MMM (or to whatever app I'm using) using letterbomb.

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    Well, I guess I'll post my solutions since nobody offered anything.

    For the gecko OS problem, I am now using Neogamma to load my codes.
    I just replaced all the files inside the iso for MHT relevant to the hack.

    but seriously, is there not any any way better than changing it via wiiscrubber? maybe i have an old version, but every time i change a file, it has to do this whole thing and then it goes back to the root, so i have to go back into it and replace the next file, instead of rapidfire kinda windows file replacement.


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