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Thread: softmodding a wii-is it against the law?????

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    softmodding a wii-is it against the law?????

    Have looked all over the place for this is it against the law to sot mod the wii etc etc

    can someone point me in the right direction for the laws etc.

    thanks in advance.

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    It's a legal gray area. The common thinking (and you're not going to get a definitive answer on this, as we're not lawyers) is that as long as you own each game you're using having them on a different form of storage is okay. Putting something on your wii that isn't endorsed by Nintendo will void your warranty though.


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    It is against the law

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    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    the link you sent proved blu's point. it is a legal grey area. in that link you posted it gave examples of where distributing modded products was punished but no where did it state that owning or doing the modding was illegal. be it soft or hard modding, its not the modding its self that is illegal, its that actions that some people do that is illegal. e.g. playing pirated games and movies.

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    "the DMCA has set up stiff penalties for mods that violate the rights of intellectual property owners."

    basically changing the software that was put in a machine is illegal. now adding software to do something that it was not intended to do may not be. grey area...

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    If you own a piece of hardware(the Wii)you can do to it as you please. Modding someone else' wii so they can play pirated material, different story.
    I seriously doubt that the authorities in any given country are gonna go house to house and check if you own, and have softmodded your wii.


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