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Thread: I need help wbfs format manager wont find unless iso please assist !

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    I need help wbfs format manager wont find unless iso please assist !

    ok i use wbfs manager for putting games to my hdd since i modded long long ago I still have wbfs formatted hdd, and dont feel like reformating it because its almost full!!

    so please wiihacks answer me quickly how do I put a .wbfs file on a wbfs harddrive

    orrrr do I have to convert it back to iso before I can put it on the hdd, meaning is there not another tool for this besides wbfs manager which only sees ISO?!

    please thanks

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    Get Wii Backup Manager, or Wii Game Manager. Use them to add wbfs files to a WBFS HDD.
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    You can use Wii Backup manager to convert the wbfs file to an iso, then load it to your hdd.

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    yes just add the wbfs file to wii backup manager click transfer select iso and were u want it to go and it will convert it to iso. then just use wbfs manager to add to the hard drive. thats what i do like others have said.


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