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Thread: Another noob in need of assistance

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    Another noob in need of assistance

    Hello all,

    I am toally new to hacking anything so have really no experience (havint even jailbroken my iphone)

    Anyway I wanted to hack the wii so I can download games for it for the kids to play with,
    Its running 4.3e

    I was oblivious to this forum and only did some research once something didnt seem to work during the hack and found this place

    (I know someone of you tech heads are going to think im a complete tool for trying this through youtube but be nice to a newbie)

    Ok so I followed this video step by step Removed Failtube Link and have the homebrew channel on the wii but when I open the channel nothing appears its just the bubbles background

    Now bear in mind I actually used a 1gb micro sdhc card as all the other sd cards i have are full of inportant phots the misses wont let me move from the cards so couldnt use them

    I dont know it the channel apps only appear when you insert a portable HD or a sd card but all I have tried is backing up a game onto a 4gb flachdrive I have to test out the hack but nothings a moving

    did i do something wrong or is it a case of its ok just need to go to the shop and pick up another sd card and put the game onto that one?

    Thanks for any help guys,

    love from Ireland
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    Follow the Soft Mod Any Guide, Link is at the bottom of my Signature.

    Start from Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed

    This will install everything and it will give you the apps you need as well.
    Please Read the Guide A Few Times, Then Proceed.

    Please read the Forum Rules, does not support Piracy.
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    No problem!

    Just remember that youtube often leaves you high and dry.
    They offer very little help, If any at all.

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    Sorry again but having trouble getting mmm to launch from the homebrew channel?

    Extract to sd:\
    ****Load the HomeBrew Channel********** Nothing is appearing here to load the mmm from the sd card? (but the homebrew channel itself is open but still just the bubbles)
    Launch Multi-Mod Manager -MMM will load
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    make sure you have an \apps folder on the root of your sd card. If not, move it there.


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    I am so so sorry for being totally dumb about this but how do I do this ?

    (ps i obviously will be donating something to the site for this help because if i can sort if myself it will save me money not having to bring it to a store to have it hacked)

    really sorry for being so so dumb about this but how do i do that?

    the only file i can see on the sd card is the mmm file
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    Open your Sd Card on your computer, Then take the folder with the application's you are trying to load and put it in the apps folder on your Sd Card.

    In that folder you downloaded you will see "When Opened" A apps and Wad Folder.

    Open The Apps Folder and transfer those two folders(MMM and The HAckmii Folders) to the apps folder on your Sd Card. It will look like this....Sd:/Apps/Hack Mii Installer +MMM folder

    Now take the Wad folder and put it on the root of the sd card. Will look like this...Sd:/Wad (the Wad folder will be placed right on the side of the Apps Folder.)
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    There is no "apps" folder on my sd card? Do I just create an folder named apps?

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    Then Make one or just transfer the apps folder over from the The one you downloaded.

    The MMM and Hackmii installer comes in an apps folder,Just transfer it to your sd card.
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    Hi jax Im sorry to be a pain I had to run out there for a bit of work and just back now,

    Im not sure what I have done wrong here & probably something silly

    Ok so here is what I've got,

    The sd card was totally blank when opened on the laptop then I moved this "mmm" file into the sd card

    This is the sd card open with the file in it

    Now the only "apps" file I can find anywhere is this

    Sorry for all the pictures but might make finding a solution quicker

    thanks for all the help aswell m8

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