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Thread: I'm having issues installing IOS files

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    I'm having issues installing IOS files

    I'm new to the whole Wii hacking routine and I've been trying to get the IOS files necessary to USB load, I'm going to try my best here to explain what I've done and what I think I need in order to solve this.

    So I'm pretty sure I'm in need of IOS 249 here, but I've tried to get it through installing IOS38 in the CIOS38R17 installer but when I open IOS38 in Hermes's 222 installer I don't have IOS249 as an option. And when I try to install IOS222 through IOS36 in Herme's I get a bad hash and I don't get the option to use IOS38 and IOS37 together when I select IOS222. I'm seriously at a loss here and so is my friend who's been sending me links and files all day trying to solve this but I'm honestly stumped here.

    I just wanna play some video games man.

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    Follow the Softmod Any Wii guide. It's here:
    Red Wii SysMenuX, Priiloader 0.7, Bootmii as IOS 254, USB Loader GX, uLoader 5.1E with external DVD drive, MauiFrog softmod. HBC 1.1, Backup HBC 1.0.3.


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