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Thread: Very new to Wii, a few no brainer questions

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    Very new to Wii, a few no brainer questions

    I just bought a Wii yesterday for the sole purpose of hacking it. I don't know much about the Wii, so i have a few questions. Some of them might be no brainers to you but remember that I've only had one for a day.

    1.) The Wii can install channels and games over the internet so it obviously has some sort of internal memory. I've noticed that all homebrew requires some sort of external storage device rather that be an SD card, USB drive, DVD ect... Why is that if the Wii has internal memory? I've also noticed that the Wii measures internal memory as "blocks" which honestly i think is stupid but whatever. Anyway how much memory is equivalent to one "block"?

    2.) What would be the best means of viewing/editing system files (relax, I know what I'm doing, I'll most likely just edit a few strings, customization is all, maybe be like "Injection is awesome!" on startup instead of the health warning stuff).

    3.) Is it normal for the PS1 emulator to be lagging? I know the hardware on the Wii isn't amazing or anything, but you would think it would be able to handle PS1 games lag free.

    4.) Is there any way to install homebrew apps saved to an SD card as its own channel?

    I don't expect 1 person to answer all these questions (although that would be sweet). Also, I'm very computer savvy, I've programmed for iOS and Linux, I just don't know anything about the Wii

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    1- Hardware/NAND - WiiBrew
    2- nand extraction
    3- It is a wii, some things do not work well
    4- Yes, most apps can be installed as a channel via wad, but this waists limited space and is not preferred.

    I think you have a crap load of reading to do.

    Also be sure not to brick your wii as the wii has no built in recovery options should you kill it.
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    In my humble opinion, for what its worth, I would recommend doing a lot of reading so you have a better degree of understanding before doing much of anything. If you do something seemingly innocuous but wrong, you can easily find yourself (particularly with newer wiis) with an expensive paperweight.

    Homebrew downloader does not (at least last time I looked which has admittedly been awhile) download any wads. Simply apps. For your customization stuff, you might consider how you're going to use the wii. My kids wii is setup to boot straight to the USB loader, and all the customizations I've made are in there. They don't even see the system menu, so messing with it (and possibly doing something that would make it unrecoverable) I just have tweaked the loader itself.

    So here's the story. If you're going to start messing with stuff around the system menu, be knowledgeable before you do it. Very knowledgeable. And understand what your Wii's capabilities are in terms of brick protection. We talk to too many people here who end up with dysfunctional consoles... imho, it's all about risk/reward.


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    Like Blu said, when i first got here i was reading for almost w straight days to find out which direction i was going to go before touching the wii.

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    alright thanks for the tips. I've done a lot of reading today and learned a lot. There's one thing i still don't quite understand and i can't find any info on it. I've been trying to use Wiiflow (I would use usb loader but i can't find a working link :/) i installed all of the required cIOS files, installed the wad, and have an external hard drive hooked up to the wii. i have the wiiflow channel on my home screen but when i click on it and click start, i get a black screen for a few seconds and then it kicks me back to the channel select screen. Any help for that?

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    I just finished mine after days of reading beforehand, making sure I knew exactly what was going on. When they said "read xxxx 3 or more times", it is DEFINITELY for a reason! The Guide is there for a reason

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    Did you make a post in the introduce yourself section? If not you should do so. Someone will be along to give you an official welcome to the site, along with a bunch of links to information that will help you get the most out of your Wii!

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