Ok, so I did a rather complex installation, taking an older wii with broken disc drive and a newer bricked wii with no GC compatibility, and combined them during WiiKey Fusion installation. (To be clear, it's an older wii with the newer drive, worth noting GC ports still work) The drive is installed properly, as games are still working. However, I'm having difficulties with the system menu, and the fusion. System menu applications have broken, with no channels but disc and homebrew functioning. This is regardless to the fact I formatted after the problem started. In research, I found this to be commonly solved by simply having a SD in the fusion. But the fusion is not recognizing my SD. I have a 32GB class 10 SDHC formatted to WBFS, but can't seem to get it to accept my card. It's worth noting that I'm having difficulty adding games to it, as my Mac won't recognize the card, and I'm using the library to attempt to add a game. By tomorrow I should have successfully done that. I would update the chip, but don't have the serial number, as I can't access the menu, and would really appreciate not having to open the wii.

So, a link to the latest fusion update that doesn't require a serial, or a solution to making wii channels work with an outdated fusion for the moment, or even a fix to have WBFS for Mac recognize my card would be awesome. I'm about to be forced into buying a new wii if I can't fix it.